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Recently we read a rather shocking statistic in Nonprofit Times from a study conducted in April — July 2020 by Tech Soup and Tapp Network. The study found that less than 50% of nonprofit organizations have a digital marketing strategy. This statistic is shocking. However, in the past year, many organizations moved toward having more of an online presence due to the restrictions presented by the COVID 19 pandemic. The nonprofits that have not made any efforts to create and execute a digital marketing strategy are most likely to be hurt by a lack of online presence. Small nonprofits specifically…

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With end-of-year giving right around the corner we wanted to give our tips for writing the best donor communications to help you hit your year-end goal. It is likely that aside from your direct mail ask you have several follow up communications planned. The goal of every communication should be to further a relationship with donors and studies have shown that it takes around seven communications to gain a donor’s support. …

Angelina Osornio Torres, Jelly Nonprofit Consulting Founder, and CEO

Can you believe we have almost made it through 2020?!

For many of us, this has been the most challenging year of our careers and for some, our lives. Aside from the challenges that organizations may be facing in fundraising and programmatic shifts, leadership teams are likely already considering their end-of-year campaigns.

Planning for such a campaign is going to be especially challenging this year due to the great uncertainty in public health and economics caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Jelly Nonprofit Consulting

The mission of Jelly Nonprofit Consulting is to partner with nonprofit organizations to make the world sweeter through grant writing and other support services.

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